Why We Love Reign in Spite of the Show’s Contemporary Twist


No one is going to accuse Reign of being historically or culturally accurate. But while that might put off some History Channel scholars, we love the CW’s new series. Adelaide Kane stars as sixteen-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots as she tries to cement her alliance with France by marrying Prince Francis (Toby Regbo). But the task is nowhere near simple: Reign mixes magic, devious plots, and attempted murder to make for a delightfully dramatic show.
However, the fashion of Reign’s Mary is more like a modern girl dressing up as the famous monarch for Halloween. If you Google search Mary, Queen of Scots you’ll find more high-collared, full-body balloon-like structures than the deep neck, body-fitting dresses Kane’s Mary wears. But, in all honesty, we’d totally love to dress up as this new version of Mary for Halloween (maybe next year).
The music, as well, doesn’t resemble anything from the 16th century; well, it is created with instruments, but that’s about as far as the similarities go. Unless The Lumineers, Bastille, and Joshua Radin are time travelers from the 1500s (which we doubt), the music is entirely unconnected to the era of the show.
Then there’s the most irritatingly inaccurate aspect of Reign: the accents. The French have American accents while the Scottish and English have British accents (which is confusing since the Scots and Brits are at odds in the series.)
Despite all these historical inaccuracies, Reign has managed to pull it all together and make it work. Maybe it isn’t as gritty as Game of Thrones, or as truthful as a History Channel documentary, but Reign is entertaining and we’ll take that over accurate any day.


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