New 1.06 – ‘Chosen’ Episode Still

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Danger tends to follow Mary. Can Francis and Bash protect her? #Reign is all new Thursday!


Adelaide Takes the Throne as TV’s Must-Watch Leading Lady


Queen of hearts? We sure think so. A normal day in the life of 23-year-old Adelaide Kane means waking up, stepping into a couture ball gown, and time-traveling back to France in the year 1557. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Not quite! The Scottish-Australian beauty, who landed the role of the infamously fiery Mary, Queen of Scots, on the new CW series Reign (think Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl), works incredibly hard on set to do the sovereign justice.

When I first read the script, something about the character resonated with me,” Adelaide explains. “She’s trying to make her way in a very difficult world full of politics and sexism. She’s stubborn, she’s impatient, she’s flawed—but she’s strong.” And for the actress, it’s about more than just stepping into a skin and then shedding it: “You end up giving a little piece of yourself to the character you play, and you take a piece of the character for yourself,” she says. Adelaide was cast alongside the next generation of game-changing, swoon-worthy TV stars (hello, Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs!).

And as if playing a royal on television weren’t enough, off camera the starlet is gardening, dreaming of studying psychology, and using Rosetta Stone for French lessons. “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” she says, laughing. “I want to do it all. I want to know about everything.” Sounds ambitious, but if anyone can do it, it’s Adelaide. (Source)

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New 1.06 – ‘Chosen’ Promo

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Why You Should Get on the Reign Train

The CW new drama Reign is addicting, but it seems like not everyone knows just how good it is yet. The CW certainly does — it was just picked up for a full season. I’m psyched, because the show — a fanciful, pop music-filled reimagining of the teen years of Mary, Queen of Scots — is just starting to heat up. If you haven’t gotten into the period drama, here’s what you’re missing and why you should be watching.

The Love Story Is Just Starting to Build Up

We meet Mary (Adelaide Kane) just as she’s shipped from Scotland to France to marry Francis (Toby Regbo), but like most arranged marriages, they don’t really know each other at first and aren’t all that hot on one another in the pilot. But over the course of the first few episodes, we’ve watched their relationship blossom into a friendship and now a budding romance. It’s all very innocent right now (their most recent kiss is so sweepingly romantic I had to rewind it), but we know there are complications ahead. A Portuguese royal has already tried to poach Mary, and there’s also Francis’s cute illegitimate brother Bash who’s made some eyes at Mary.

There Are Juicy Scandals Brewing

Mary’s stable of ladies-in-waiting (who are refreshingly unlike Gossip Girl’s minions and are actually nice to each other) each have a little somethin’ something’ brewing, too. Greer is in a forbidden flirtation with a castle servant, and Kenna is gunning to be the King’s new mistress. I smell scandals all around.

The Political Intrigue Is Interesting and Easy to Follow

Does all the political drama and dirty dealings on Game of Thrones make your head spin? Reign also has a lot of political drama, but it’s so easy to follow that it’s like Game of Thrones-lite. Mary just wants to keep her home country of Scotland safe, and her hand in marriage is what keeps it that way. While you’re hearing a lot about politics, it all comes back to marriage and matters of the heart, so it doesn’t get dry or boring.

It’s Spooky!

Reign also has a well-done supernatural element. Specifically, there is a castle ghost, and we don’t know yet if she’s real, a figment of Mary’s imagination, or friendly or malicious. One thing is for sure: it’s creepy! The ghost shows up in random times and places with a burlap sack over its “head,” and it always takes me by surprise and freaks me out. The show isn’t too heavy-handed about it, so I love the added, shiver-inducing bonus.