Reign Season 3 Spoilers

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Someone will fall in love when “Reign” returns for its third season.

E! News recently revealed that The CW will introduce a new girl in “Reign” season 3, and someone from the French court will be enamored by her confidence and beauty.

According to the report, the new girl is called Constance, a charming and gutsy character who knows that she can use her beauty as her power over men. CarterMatt added that Constance is extremely confident, and is self-assured that her physical traits can easily manipulate anyone who will try to capture her heart.

Based on reports, a member of the French royal family will be smitten by her. This happens to be Francis’ (Toby Regbo) younger brother Charles, who is the second-in-line to the French throne.

Charles was first introduced in “Reign” season 1, but he was sent to Spain after being kidnapped in episode 12. The younger son of Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) returned to France to be trained by his older brother Francis, whose illness shortens his time on Earth.

Spoiler TV describes Charles as a party-loving mischief who is not interested in leading the country. Will Constance change his mind?

Meanwhile, earlier spoilers claim that Mary (Adelaide Kane) will fall for a handsome pirate named Martin. He is allegedly looking for a bride, but he only sets his eyes on highborn ladies. While he can easily choose from among Mary’s ladies-in-waiting, Martin might attempt to capture the Queen of France’s heart while her husband is slowly losing time.

But there are also reports that Martin has a shrewd personality, and he could even be working as a spy for Queen Elizabeth I of England (Rachel Skarsten) which may cause a lot of problems in the French Court.

“Reign” returns to The CW on Oct. 9.


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