Reign Q&A: Adelaide Previews Mary’s Big Mid-Season Finale Revelation


For months, Adelaide Kane’s Mary, Queen of Scots has had to fend off threats against her life coming courtesy of her potential mother-in-law, Catherine de’ Medici (Megan Follows). And, in Thursday’s mid-season finale of “Reign”, Mary is going to find out why Catherine’s been so deadly determined to keep the pair apart. Nostradamus’ (Rossif Sutherland) prophecy — that Mary will cause the death of Catherine’s son, Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) — is something the young Queen will learn just as her wedding to her life-long fiance seems poised to take place. The Queen herself — Adelaide — addressed the upcoming reveal and how it will shake Mary, when spoke to actress during a break from filming earlier this week. We know that this week, Mary learns about the prophecy. How is she going to take the news?

She’s skeptical at first, but certain events take place in our mid-season finale that slowly bring her around to believing in Nostradamus’ powers of prophecy and visionary powers and I think she has a dawning horror that he might be right. … So I guess we’re gonna see her slowly come around to the fact that there might be a supernatural element, this element of prophecies… and you see her start to maybe question what she always thought she knew is true. I think it’s horrifying for her.

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