Adelaide Kane’s Interview at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018.

Adelaide Kane did an interview at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018, check it out:

20 Questions with Adelaide Kane & Rachel Skarsten!

Adelaide posted today a new YouTube video. This is a 20 questions video with Rachel Skarsten, where Rachel interviews Adelaide in a rapid-fire round of 20 questions! Check it out:

Adelaide Kane at the Long May She Reign Convention in 2019.

Adelaide is the first confirmed guest of the Long May She Reign Convention that will be happening in Paris, on April 6th, 2019. The tickets are already on sale and you can buy them here:

  • Photoshoot with Adelaide Kane – 55€
  • Autograph with Adelaide Kane – 35€


Adelaide Kane’s interview with Serieously: “Who’s The Best”

Adelaide did an interview this Wednesday (June 13th, 2018) with Serieously, the theme was “Who’s The Best” about the Reign cast.

Adelaide Kane at Fandom Vibes in December, 2018.

Adelaide is the first confirmed and special guest of the Fandom Vibes convention in Italy on December 8 & 9! The prices are now on:

  • Autograph – 30€
  • Photo – 60€
  • Autograph & Selfie – 75€
  • Panel – 40€
  • Meet & Greet – 150€