Four Reasons to Love Adelaide

You wouldn’t be too far off in saying that Adelaide Kane is the breakout star of The CW’s fall line up. Her new show Reign is based on the teenaged years of Mary, Queen of Scots as she tries to secure her alliance with France by marrying Prince Francis II (Tony Regbo). We already love Reign and its leading lady. But for those who don’t know much about Kane, here is why she should be your new lady crush. (source)

1. She can speak fandom.
With super fans talking online about “ships,” “feels,” and “I can’t even,” it sometimes seems as if they’re speaking in a code language. However, Kane has embraced fan terminology and can even speak it: “Just so you know, this ocean of feels has room for all the ships! Eat your little hearts out mateys.”

2. She knows her TV.
Reign has been compared to a lot of other TV shows: Game of Thrones (with a bit less sex and bloodshed) and Downtown Abbey (without Maggie Smith unfortunately) among others. But Kane has said that Reign is a mix of Game of Thrones with The Tudors, and a little bit of Felicity — because who wouldn’t want some ’90s teen drama mixed with the medieval time period?

3. She can do action.
Although Kane got her start acting on the Aussie TV soap opera Neighbors — and she can obviously pull off the dramatic moments in Reign — she’s also really good at action roles. Not only did she play a butt-kicking werewolf on MTV’s Teen Wolf, one of her earliest acting roles was on Power Rangers R. P. M.

4. She’s not Queen-like at all (and that’s okay!)
Whether she’s making faces with fellow cast mates or pretending to have a mustache, Kane is less like a queen and more like any other 23-year-old. Her Instagram is full of pictures featuring her friends, her food, and her job (which means lots of behind the scenes photos from both Reign and Teen Wolf). Is it just us, or does she seem like a really cool friend?


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