Adelaide news and facts!

Adelaide is doing a bunch of lives at Twitch recently and she has been stating a lot of facts and news:

  • Adelaide speaks a little bit of French and Japanese, but she can read better than she can talk French;
  • Adelaide is going to get her first tattoo this year (2018);
  • If Addy could work with anyone, she would work with Julianne Moore;
  • Adelaide might be going to Brazil soon.

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Adelaide Kane news and facts!

Adelaide did a live on her Twitch account recently and she stated some news and facts:

  • Adelaide’s next videos are going to be the night time routine and a party look tutorial;
  • Adelaide will be doing a big live at Twitch this weekend (20-21 of January);
  • Adelaide quit smoking and she’s planning on quit vaping;
  • Adelaide is afraid of heights;
  • Adelaide’s favorite animes are Ranma 1/2, Food Wars and Bleach;
  • Adelaide has a few tattoos planned.

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Happy New Year!

We wish you all a happy new year. We hope you have the most amazing and happy 2018 along with us.


Message from the new owner!

Hi guys. As you know, this website was for adoption and since I love Addy so much I decided to adopt it! I hope you like my style of postings and I’ll do everything to keep this website updated.

Nice to meet you all, my name is Julia! ♥


New theme design for Adelaide Kane Fans

Hey, Adelaide Kane Fans (AdelaideKane.Us) has a new design (and for the gallery too), hope you like it!