Adelaide Kane & Laurie McCarthy Talk About The Mary-Francis Dynamic

Find out what Adelaide Kane and Laurie McCarthy had to say about the relationship between Mary, Queen of Scots and her husband, Francis. Mary’s at the castle dealing with drama there, Francis is out to war… how are those two doing?

“Well, I mean, they can’t text each other, or FaceTime,” series star Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary, told us. “I think that Mary’s kept herself very busy while Francis has been away at war. We’ve established that he is a pretty efficient warrior and he’s a smart man; in the larger scheme of things, I think she does believe he will come home safe and sound, but there’s always that concern. But life goes on. She has to take care of things at the castle, and take care of things for Scotland, and pray that her letters get to him, and that letters back to home will get to her.”

Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy believes that some of the conflicts that happen between Mary and Francis may happen because she’s Queen of another country and he’s a King of his. “It creates these incredible conflicts, but who better to be married to, to understand the stakes?” she pondered.

Don’t expect a perfect reunion when the two characters meet again. “I think that with any couple, if you spend that much time apart, there’s going to be a disconnect when you come back together. And then, of course, with Lola and the baby, and with her still remaining childless, I think she’s probably had more time to focus on the fact that [Mary] can’t have children, although with Lola outside of the castle, I think that that’s a little helpful in getting her out of sight and out of mind. But, the reunion between Mary and Francis will be somewhat bittersweet, just because they love each other, and just because he’s been away at war. It doesn’t mean that they don’t still have conflicting patriotic duties. That’s never going to change.”



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